8 Reasons People Love Living in the Financial District

8 Reasons People Love Living in the Financial District

  • Peter Michael
  • 05/24/21

Welcome to: the Financial District. This busy New York neighborhood is full of life. Tall skyscrapers line the streets and provide excellent views. Bright lights shine around every corner. During the day, this area is packed with young people coming to and from work. At night, it becomes a more tranquil, residential area. Real estate options are ample, and there’s much to explore, so let us take you through the best parts of this charming area.

Prime Real Estate

Whether you’re in search of an impressive high-rise or a more modest dwelling, the Financial District has something for everyone. Properties here tend to be more spacious than in other parts of the city, with larger bedrooms and more closet space. Seeing how this is the financial center of New York, you can expect a fair amount of top-of-the-line, well-equipped buildings. Gyms, pools, cafes, and concierge services are just some of the built-in perks of these high rises.

The architecture in this district is also unique. Of course, there are the modern high-rises typical of a business-heavy neighborhood. There are also, however, a fair number of marble buildings, which bring about a sense of artistic history to this otherwise modern area. No matter your location, you can guarantee a spectacular view.

Stone Street Restaurants

Located between Whitehall Street and Hanover Square, Stone Street is a lovely section of restaurants and shops in the heart of the Financial District. Its cobblestone streets and brick buildings have a historical charm. Exploring this walkable area is easy and exciting — especially if you’re hungry. Those who love trying wines alongside small plates won’t want to miss Vintry Wine & Whiskey. This wine bar features an extensively global wine menu, as well as a variety of whiskeys and cocktails. Pizza lovers enjoy Adrienne’s Pizzabar — a casual restaurant known for its delicious “Old Fashioned Pizza.”

There are also a fair number of quaint pubs on Stone Street. The historic Stone Street Tavern has the classic wooden design of an old pub and evokes a sense of “old-world” tradition.

The Dubliner is an Irish pub with all of the trappings — beer, grub, and excellent celebrations when it comes to holidays and sports. Wander along Stone Street and choose your culinary adventure.

Luxury Shopping

The Financial District is unparalleled when it comes to luxury shopping. One of the best shopping centers is Brookfield Place. This upscale mall features shops like Allen Edmonds, Cos Bar, Louis Vuitton, and Salvatore Ferragamo. There are also several impressive restaurants to enjoy, such as Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Del Frisco’s Grille. Fans of Sarah Jessica Parker love her new shoe store, SJP. This seaport shop will make you feel like you’re living your Carrie Bradshaw fantasy.

Peaceful Evenings/Weekends

Yes, the Financial District is one of the busiest parts of the city during the day. Employees dash from sidewalks to the office and back again. At night and on the weekends, however, this area returns to its quiet charm. The Financial District is not a nightlife hub, which means people leave the area in the evenings. This is great if you’re trying to enjoy a quiet night at home. Many of the buildings here are used purely for business, which equates to quiet sidewalks on the weekends. Unless you’re touring nearby areas or grabbing a bite to eat, you’ll more likely leave the Financial District when it comes time to have weekend fun. 

Easy Commuting

The Financial District is home to ample subway stops, as well as an impressive line of taxis. The Fulton Street subway stop runs many trains, so getting to either side of Manhattan is a relatively quick journey. Taxis are quick to line up in this high-demand area, and finding one is significantly more likely here than in, say, Times Square. So, while you may choose to leave the Financial District when it comes to evening and weekend fun, it won’t cost you excessive time and money.

Rich History

The Financial District boasts an impressive list of historical sites. There’s the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, the New York Stock Exchange, One World Observatory, Federal Hall, and St. Paul’s Chapel (one of the most beautiful buildings in the city). Visitors love stopping at these spots, and while that has caused an influx in tourism and traffic, it’s also motivated the city to expand the district.

Life on the Waterfront

One of the difficulties that can accompany life in NYC is the feeling of being trapped in a big city. Living in the Financial District expands your views and access. Living on the water means great views, noticeably improved airflow, and an abundance of outdoor activities. Piers 15 and 17 are popular options in the area. Pier 15 is a modern design project made of sustainable wood. Walk along the pier and watch boats go by. Or, if you’d rather be in a boat, you can sail from North Cove Marina.

Pier 17 has a direct view of the Statue of Liberty and offers some of the best waterfront dining. The Fulton offers expansive outdoor dining and a modern seafood menu. Savor California-inspired farm-to-table cuisine at Malibu Farm. If you’re looking for the hot spot of summer, look no further than Heineken River Lounge. Sip beer and play a round of Cornhole with your closest friends. 

South Street Seaport

The Financial District’s Seaport is one of the best entertainment hubs in the city. Let’s begin with the South Street Museum. South Street used to be known as the “Street of Ships.” The museum honors this legacy with an impressive exhibition featuring historical artworks, artifacts, and research that explain the port’s importance to New York’s economy and growth.

Through the museum, you can also set sail in one of the historical sailboats. Choose from the 1885 Schooner Pioneer or the 1930 Tugboat. Families love afternoon sails on the Schooner, while couples opt for sunset sails. Both options provide unparalleled views of New York Harbor and the Lower Manhattan Skyline. The Tugboat is the only rideable tugboat in New York and includes views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Battery, and more. 

Ready to make the move? Contact Piere Michel today. He can help you find the best NYC Financial District real estate.

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